Our services

Renovation of stone and terrazzo floors

  • Grinding and polishing of granite, marble and terrazzo floors
  • Crystallization of marble, limestone and travertine tiles
  • Process setting, and proposed optimal solutions
  • Professional training, seminars and advisory service
  • Quality inspection and arrangement of certified tests
  • Working capacity of over 3,000 m² per month

Our added value services (VAS)

In addition to our basic services, we offer a wide range of value added services:

  • Ecological liquidation of grinded-off material, during coarse grinding
  • Stone cementing and reinforcement, during the restoration of damaged floors
  • Repairs of defective joints and cracks in the stonework
  • Securing of surrounding surfaces against damage
  • Treatment of the floor surface with suitable impregnation – Bellinzoni

Time guarantee

Our company guarantees a speedy delivery, even for large surfaces. This is ensured by a team of experienced grinders and a wealth of mechanical equipment: several professional planet grinders and polishers, machines for grinding and polishing edges and steps, single-disc, high speed and hand-held grinders, and radio-controlled grinders.

We work according to the agreed plan, even at night, so that your regular activity is not disrupted.

Quality guarantee

Our 25 years of experience, experienced workers and strict technical supervision guarantee a high professional level.

We inspect the obtained result with an electronic surface gloss measurement system.